Without a promotion stage, BLACK PINK still got the first win for “KILL THIS LOVE”

Even though the promotion for “KILL THIS LOVE” has ended but BLACK PINK still surpassed BTS to become the winner of Inkigayo this week.

BLINKs must be the most estactic fandom right now after Inkigayo (the April 21st episode) announced the winner of this week which was BLACK PINK with “KILL THIS LOVE”.

Surpassing 2 others rivals who are Chen (EXO) and BOL4, the 4 girls from YG have won with 8163 points and left the other 2 far behind. However, BLACK PINK’s physical point is still a 0 because the physical edition for “KILL THIS LOVE” is still not released yet.

BLACK PINK won this week Inkigayo without the need of their physical score.

What’s surprising is that BTS didn’t get into the nominees list this week even though the boys did perform on Inkigayo and with the accumulated points like last week, the Big Hit guys had more than enough to get in the top 10. However, some are saying that it might be due to Inkigayo’s change on how they count the time for the weekly chart that BTS wasn’t able to run for the trophy this week.

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BTS did perform on Inkigayo this week but the trophy has went to BLACK PINK because the boys didn’t get nominated.

To BLACK PINK, this is their first weekly chart trophy for “KILL THIS LOVE” even though they had finished their promotion activity in South Korea for this track. This win is even more meaningful when this comeback had had to face so many hardships: YG’s scandal, a rushed comeback with a short promotion time in Korea, a direct battle with their seniors BTS who are also promoting their new song.

No promotion stage this week but BLACK PINK still won the cup
BLACK PINK got the winning trophy at Inkigayo (April 21st, 2019)

Congratulations to BLACK PINK and their first win for “KILL THIS LOVE”!

Source: Kenh14

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