BTS Jungkook becomes ‘first and only’ solo artist to gain 190 billion TikTok views, proving “world-class icon” power

BTS member Jungkook attracted over 190 billion views on TikTok, certifying his name as a “world-class icon” and “TikTok King”.

Recently Jungkook-related hashtag #jungkook on the global short video platform TikTok has exceeded 190 billion views.

After achieving the 180-billion-view milestone on TikTok, ‘#jungkook’ showed an impressive increasing trend by gaining another 10 billion views within only about a month and 15 days, indicating Jungkook’s tremendous popularity and influence. At this rate, it seems that this hashtag will be reaching 200 billion views soon.

In particular, Jungkook became the first and only solo artist to record 19 billion views even during the time he had no official activities. The BTS member once again solidified his position as a “TikTok King”.


In addition, Jungkook further enhances his reputation as he has maintained the top spot among global solo artists in terms of TikTok views for five consecutive months since December of last year. In fact, other hashtags related to Jungkook also boast impressive views.

The hashtag ‘#JK’ has accumulated 63.4 billion views, while ‘#jeonjungkook’ has surpassed 25 billion views. ‘#jungkook’ has topped the ranking of individual views on TikTok for 28 consecutive months since August 2020.

In addition, video cuts from Jungkook’s recent live broadcast on the 25th spread widely on TikTok and gained significant attention. They attracted over 3 million views within less than a day, and his cover of “NIGHT DANCER” by imase earned over 8 million views on the 28th, showcasing Jungkook’s unrivaled presence and power on this platform.

Besides TikTok, Jungkook is also dominating other major social media platforms. He was named the most-searched K-pop idol on Google and Youtube for five consecutive years. Jungkook has been the No.1 famous K-pop star on Tumblr for five years in a row and topped the list of most searched K-pop idols on Pinterest in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada.


Moreover, Jungkook’s hashtag ‘#JUNGKOOK’ on YouTube became the most-used individual hashtag, sweeping No.2 on global social media platforms.

Despite not having a solo album yet, Jungkook rewrote K-pop history by achieving the Guinness World Records title of the “fastest” K-pop solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Source: Nate

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