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“ARMY will understand, right?” Ji Seok-jin was scared after slapping BTS’s V as a joke

Comedian Ji Seok-jin created a cheerful scene with BTS’s V, making everyone laugh

On the Dec 3rd episode of SBS’s “Running Man“, actor Yoo Seung-ho and BTS’s V appeared as guests.

Yoo Seung-ho and V, both meeting for the first time, created an awkward atmosphere. However, as the game began, they quickly transformed and showed their own characters.

During the mission, Ji Seok-jin pretended to slap the cheeks of Yang Se-chan and V as a joke.

Suddenly, Ji Seok-jin turned to the production team and said “Can I ask a question? I pretended to slap V’s cheek as a joke earlier. Do you think (V’s) fans would understand?“, making everyone laugh.

Seeing this, V suddenly acted as if his cheek hurt, eliciting laughter from viewers.

Ji Seok-jin pleaded, “Tell them you’re okay. Tell them it didn’t hurt. Tell them I only pretended to hit you.”

However, V responded to Ji Seok-jin’s request with silence, once again bringing laughter.

To prevent any misunderstanding for ARMY (BTS’s fandom), the production team added subtitles saying, “ARMY, V wasn’t slapped for real.

On this day, “Running Man” received much attention with Yoo Seung-ho and V as guests, recording the highest viewership rating of 4.9%.

Source: Wikitree

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