Ahn Yujin Dropped a Major Spoiler about IVE’s Comeback 

A recent video of Ahn Yujin alongside cast members of the TV program “Earth Arcade” revealed a spoiler about IVE’s comeback. 

On April 16, a surprise live broadcast featuring the members of “Earth Arcade”’ was held on the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon”. In particular, PD Na Young-seok, along with Lee Eunji, Mimi, Lee Youngji, and Ahn Yujin, participated in the live broadcast.

Here, Ahn Yujin mentioned her group’s recent activities, stating, “IVE is making a comeback.” Then, when Lee Young-ji mentioned that IVE’s comeback often coincides with “Earth Arcade”, Ahn Yujin agreed, saying, “It’s been like that every time. Starting with ‘Love Dive,’ then ‘After Like,’ ‘I Am,’ ‘Kitsch,’ and now it’s ‘Haeya’ (해야). Can I say that?”

an yu jin

Upon saying this, Ahn Yujin realized she shouldn’t spoil the title for IVE’s upcoming song and became flustered. 

From Ahn Yujin’s words, subscribers speculated that the title of IVE’s new song to be “Hey Ya” or “Sun”, depending on how “해야” will be translated. 

Meanwhile, IVE, including Ahn Yujin, will release their second EP album “IVE Switch” on April 29.

Source: Nate

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