Lee Ju-young Boasted Friendship With Fan Bingbing After Co-starring In Girl-Love Movie, “Still Contact Through Chinese Messenger”

Actress Lee Ju-young showed off her friendship with top Chinese star Fan Bingbing

Actress Lee Ju-young revealed her unexpected friendship with Fan Bingbing in the 275th episode of MBC’s entertainment show “Omniscient Interfering View,” which aired on December 2.

Lee Ju-young originally made her name known through the hit drama ‘Itaewon Class’, but in this program, the actress revealed that she debuted earlier with the 2016 film ‘A Quiet Dream’.

Lee Joo-young

To Lee Ju-young, host Yang Se-hyung asked, “I heard you recently got to know an amazing friend.”

The amazing unnie Lee became close with was Chinese actor Fan Bingbing. The two got close after starring in the Chinese movie “Green Night” as lead actresses. Fan Bingbing even wrote a handwritten letter to cast Lee.

Lee Joo-young fan bingbing

Asked if she still keeps in touch with him, Lee replied affirmatively, “I have the Chinese messenger (to contact her).” “You must be really close,” Hong Hyun-hee, another guest in the show, said admiringly.

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