Fans and Red Velvet Yeri are surprised by Taeyeon’s skinship with a mysterious man “Protect our Taengoo”

Fans as well as Red Velvet Yeri were surprised by the photos posted by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon shared several photos with the caption “To. X” on Nov 22nd. These photos appear to be teaser images for Taeyeon’s 5th mini album “To. X”.

The attention-grabbing aspect of these photos is Taeyeon’s pose with a man, seemingly about to kiss or intertwine faces. The bold and provocative two-shots leave viewers breathless.


Upon seeing the photos, Red Velvet Yeri commented “Oops” and added emojis covering the mouth with a hand, expressing a shy reaction to Taeyeon’s unexpected skinship.

Fans also reacted with comments like “Protect our Taengoo!“, “Too close!!!“, “Don’t take photos like this next time“, “Taengoo is a grown woman now“, “No, sis“…

Meanwhile, Taeyeon will release her 5th mini album “To. X” at 6 PM on Nov 27th. This album consists of a total of 6 songs, including the title track of the same name “To. X” as well as b-side tracks “Fabulous”, “Melt Away”, “Burn It Down”, “Nightmare”, “All For Nothing”.

Source: Daum

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