aespa’s Karina Reveals Her Recent Addictions, “What If There Is ‘Transit Love’ For Celebrities?”

aespa’s Karina talked about what she had been interested in recently

On November 23rd, the YouTube channel “MMTG” uploaded a new video featuring aespa.

Before doing the interview with aespa, Jaejae had a pre-meeting with Karina. Jaejae said, “I heard people say you live like having 48 hours a day”. 

Karina shared, “I’m recently into amination. I’ve started getting immersed in it since earlier this year. I watched ‘Rapunzel’ like 100 times”, then sang a part of “Rapunzel” OST. When Karina revealed that she had been re-watching Netflix’s “The Glory”, Jaejae asked, “You haven’t contacted writer Kim Eun-sook?”. Karina laughed and responded, “Can I do that? I really want to get involved in any work by writer Kim Eun-sook”.

Karina also confessed her addiction to the Shorts platforms. She shared, “If Reels is ‘Transit Love’, Shorts will be ‘Heart Signal’ and TikTok is ‘I Am SOLO’. That’s how I boosted my dopamine”. With a surprised expression, Jaejae asked, “You watched ‘I Am SOLO’?”. Karina replied, “I watched it”.

Hearing Karina’s answer, Jaejae said, “There are celebrities who are very serious about dating and even marriage. They are like ‘I Am SOLO Celebrity’”. Karina reacted, “I always wonder how it would be if there is ‘Transit Love’ for celebrities”. Jaejae replied, “Ya! Why are you saying interesting things only to yourself?”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, aespa released their 4th mini album “Drama” on November 10th and is currently promoting their comeback. According to Hanteo Chart, the girl group earned ‘Million Seller’ by selling 1.13 million copies of the album in the first week.

In addition, aespa will release a remake of the carol “Jingle Bell Rock” at 2 p.m. on the 24th through various music sites. 

Source: Naver

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