Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul Sparks Controversy Again, From Homophobia Remarks To Watching ‘The Birth of Korea’

Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul, known for his homophobia remarks, surprised everyone with his unexpected move recently

On February 28th, director Kim Deok-young of the movie “The Birth of Korea” shared a photo on SNS with the caption, “I met singer Naul”. The picture shows director Kim holding a bouquet of flowers. Standing next to him, Naul, who wore a black hoodie and blue vest, looked at the camera with an emotionless face.

Earlier on the 12th, Naul posted on his SNS the poster of “The Birth of Korea” and a picture of the Bible. The movie “The Birth of Korea” that Naul watched is a documentary about the life of the first President Syngman Rhee.

In response to Naul’s post, netizens raised a heated debate. Some expressed discomfort, saying “It’s so careless of him to openly reveal his personal political orientation”, while others wondered, “I don’t understand why he’s criticized just for watching ‘The Birth of Korea’”. Later, Naul put an end to the controversy by turning off the comment function for the post.

Born in a Christian family, Naul once drew attention when he revealed his view on homosexuality in 2004. He said, “What a scary world. All the boundaries are being broken in the name of art”, adding “When did homosexuality become something so normal? What a strange world”.

Emphasizing that he could not understand homosexuality, Naul said, “If homosexuality is legalized, then incestuous relationship should also be accepted”. As his remarks spread widely online, the male singer deleted the post without any explanation.

Receiving for his outstanding singing ability alongside talented vocalists, such as Kim Bum-soo, Park Hyo-shin, and Lee Soo, Naul said he never considered himself a singer and had no intention of becoming a world star during an interview in 2012.

Source: Daum

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