aespa members Giselle & Karina react to their fighting rumor

Karina and Giselle, members of SM’s rookie aespa, responded positively to the rumor of them fighting.

On Oct 13th, aespa appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s “Park So-hyun’s Love Game” visible radio to share their stories. During the advertising break session, Giselle tidied up Karina’s hair by pushing her hair back for her. Giselle then talks to Karina as if something came to mind. Afterward, the two laughed loudly and when Giselle pushed her hair back, Karina would repeatedly pull it back in front.


Netizens who encountered this scene speculated that these two members must have seen their so-called “fighting gif” that spread online in the past, and by reenacting that gif, the girls showed their delightful reaction to the rumors.

During a live V-app broadcast in the past, Karina looked at Giselle and swept her hair back for her, after which Giselle put her hair back to the front without looking at Karina. As a result, some netizens made headlines by speculating the unfriendly atmosphere between the two, posting malicious comments such as “It’s definitely a girl’s fight,” “Idols are no different from us,” and “This is why there’s a saying that a woman’s enemy is another woman.”


Meanwhile, aespa, a group to which Karina and Giselle belong, recently released their first mini-album “Savage” on Oct 5th.

Source: nate

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