Kwon Eunbi “Try on 20 bikinis for ‘Waterbomb’, rehearsal in the bathroom” (Radio Star)

Kwon Eunbi revealed the efforts she put into becoming the goddess of “Waterbomb”

On the Nov 29th broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Radio Star”, Jang Dong-min, Parc Jae-jung, Jung Yong-hwa and Kwon Eunbi appeared as guests.

Kwon Eunbi shared, “I’ve been very busy lately. Following ‘Waterbomb’, I received invitations from about 20 university festivals, 30 events. I also became a radio DJ and did advertisements for cosmetics, massage machines, lenses, etc.

kwon eun bi

When asked “The person who played a significant role in your success is here, right?“, she replied, “It was when I appeared on ‘King of Masked Singer’. Jang Dong-min was there at that time. After revealing my face, I talked about my concerns. Then, Jang Dong-min said, ‘If it’s hard, you can quit.’

Kwon Eunbi continued, “I worked hard with the mindset of ‘You wait and see’. Today, I met him on ‘Radio Star’.” Hearing this, Jang Dong-min caused laughter by responding, “I might have played a small part in your success.

Kwon Eunbi also mentioned her much-discussed “Waterbomb” stage, “My ‘Waterbomb’ fancam reached 4.8 million views. Since I wore a bikini, it gained even more attention.” When Kim Gura expressed uncertainty, she expressed confidence, “You don’t know? If you watch it, you’ll understand why it got 4.8 million views.

To support her statement, the show played Kwon Eunbi’s “Waterbomb” performance, but Kim Gura commented, “It doesn’t seem particularly special…” Kwon Eunbi playfully replied, “My mere existence is special.

Kwon Eunbi revealed the extensive efforts she made to become the goddess of “Waterbomb”, “I tried on over 20 bikini outfits. I wore them in different colors, tried fitting in my bathroom at home, sprayed water and danced. I even fixed my eyelashes and lip makeup before going on stage.

Source: Nate

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