“BLACKPINK Jennie” went viral for getting her hair pulled by a monkey at the zoo

The fandom of BLACKPINK is getting hectic over several photos of “Jennie” at the zoo. 

BLACKPINK Jennie often goes viral for gorgeous photos where she flaunts her top-notch cutie-sexy visuals. However, recently, she has been spreading across the net for a completely different reason. 

blackpink jennie
BLINKs are having fun among themselves while BLACKPINK is on tour, even comparing Jennie with a woman getting her hair pulled by a monkey

In particular, several photos captioned with the word “Jennie”, are gaining massive attention on SNS, showing a woman getting her hair pulled by a monkey at the zoo. Said woman was screaming wildly as she struggled to escape, and BLACKPINK fans filled up the comment section, especially when the woman dressed exactly like Jennie. 

blackpink jennie
The images are hilarious, considering that the woman dressed similarly to Jennie 

As it turns out, the woman in question was not Jennie, but rather someone who happened to dress the same and had the same hairstyle as a previous photo published by Jennie. Even the scenery resembled one of Jennie’s posts, causing BLINKs, fans of BLACKPINK, to have a great laugh. 

blackpink jennie instagram 2021
Meanwhile, Jennie’s photo was published back in 2021. She was dressed in a backless top and boasting long black hair 
blackpink jennie instagram 2021
Chic, sexy, yet still cute, Jennie never disappoint fans with her style and visuals 

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