A member of JYP’s upcoming girl group reminds netizens of TWICE’s Mina because of her elegant aura

Haewon, a member of JYP’s soon-to-debut girl group, draws attention for both her talent and visual.

JYP‘s rookie girl group is one of the most anticipated female idol groups that are slated to debut next year. Although the group’s official name has not been announced, ITZY’s juniors have continued to be the focus of discussions on many online communities and social media platforms. After JYP introduced the 7-member lineup including Jinni, Lily, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Bae and Haewon, the company also treated fans to videos showing off the girls’ talents.

On November 26, JYP released a cover video of Survivor (Destiny’s Child) performed by the duo of vocalists, Lily and Haewon. The two new members of JYP‘s upcoming girl group have impressed the public with their powerful singing voice, promising to surpass the vocal-line of their seniors TWICE and ITZY.

Survivor (Destiny’s Child) covered by Lily and Haewon 

On November 29, many behind-the-scenes photos of this performance were also posted by JYP. In particular, Haewon created a stir thanks to her pretty appearance, giving off soft and elegant vibes. Fans have left many comments praising JYP for their selection of girl group members and the ability to scout trainees who are both talented and pretty. 

Haewon's behind-the-scenes photos impress netizens 
Haewon’s behind-the-scenes photos impress netizens 
She has a soft and pure visual
She has a soft and pure visual

Some netizens say that Haewon exudes an innocent, luxurious and calm aura, which resembles TWICE’s Mina. Compared to the other 6 members of the group, Haewon gives a somewhat more delicate and mature impression. Not only does she have a pretty face and a graceful charisma, Haewon also makes fans pay attention to her tiny ant waist, which is only about… 50cm?

According to many netizens, Haewon has the same aura as TWICE’s Mina
According to many netizens, Haewon has the same aura as TWICE’s Mina

Haewon is already my bias

Haewon’s waist is only about 50cm, right?

Haewon looks like she comes from a rich, upper-class family. She looks exquisite. 

She looks like Mina from TWICE.

Haewon is absolutely my style

It’s been a long time since there’s been such a strong girl group in terms of vocals, every member is pretty, but Haewon is my favorite.

Haewon (born 2003) is said to look like her senior Mina
Haewon (born 2003) is said to look like her senior Mina
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