Actress Park Bo-young, who turns 33 this year, amazed fans with her ageless beauty in bare face

Park Bo-young boasted her youthful beauty that no one could believe she is 33 years old this year.

On January 20th, Park Bo-young posted a photo on her Instagram without leaving any message in the caption. In the picture, Park Bo-young was taking a selfie with her cat. Showing up with a no-makeup face, Park Bo-young boasted her flawless baby skin, drawing keen attention. In particular, her face size that looked as small as the cat’s surprised netizens.

Park Bo-young age

Park Bo-young also took a selfie with her cat and revealed it last year. Even at that time, she captivated the hearts of male fans with her distinctive facial features and doll-like beauty despite not wearing any makeup.


Fans who saw Park Bo-young in her recent update showing off a youthful visual that makes her look like a high school student commented, “I can’t believe she’s 33 years old this year”, “I think I’m the only one who is getting older”.


Meanwhile, Park Bo-young is set to release a new movie called “Concrete Utopia. “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster-thriller film telling the story that begins when Seoul is devastated by an earthquake and several people gather in the Imperial Palace Apartment as the only survivors.

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