Hye Ri complained about her swollen face in the last shooting of “May I Help You”, giving bonuses to staff

Hye Ri released her last Vlog about the drama “May I Help You”.

On December 23rd, Lee Hye Ri’s Youtube channel uploaded a new video titled “Good-bye ‘May i help you?’”.

In the video, Hye Ri arrived at the set for the last filming of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You”. She shared, “Honestly, what I’m feeling today is… Usually (drama) shooting is somehow continuously… ‘Hyeri, you have to do it’, ‘Oh?’, ‘Today’s the last shooting?’. That’s how I feel. I still can’t believe it. It doesn’t feel like shooting. Sadly, I think the picture that everyone wants to see can’t come out. I’m really not going to cry today. Seriously.”


Revealing that her eyes got swollen because she ate tteokbokki and chicken, Hye Ri said, “I cleaned the house in the morning, ventilated it, did the laundry, washed the dishes, and I did it all in the morning. But the swelling didn’t go down. Maybe because I’m nervous. It’s more like this if you try to look pretty”, adding “I think my nose has gotten bigger”. Everyone laughed as she signed continuously because of her swollen face.

After completing the last bust shot, Hye Ri conducted a wrap-up interview with Lee Joon Young. When Lee Joon Young got emotional, Hye Ri also began to shed tears. She blamed Lee Joon Young, “What am I going to do if you cry?”, and explained, “It’s because Tae Hee (Lee Joon Young) keeps tearing up next to me. You know that tearing up doesn’t mean I’m crying, right? It’s unfair for me today”, drawing laughter.


While Hye Ri was filming, the staff prepared a party to celebrate her last shooting. Hye Ri took a proof shot and then gave bonuses to all the staff members.

Lastly, Hye Ri shared, “Everyone, thank you so much for loving ‘May I Help You’. I’ll try not to cry in the next site. Thank you for loving Dong Joo. Dong Joo, please be happy~ Bye.”

Source: Nate

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