Black image + desperate caption, a K-pop girl group causes a stir with their official Instagram post: Is it hacked?

A Kpop girl group confuses netizens with a recent post on the group’s official Instagram account.

Kpop idols sharing confusing posts on SNS like Twitter or Instagram, especially when they are faced with such high pressure in life and work, is not rare. Most of the time, these kinds of posts are only uploaded on personal accounts. However, recently, netizens were taken by surprise when the official Instagram account of girl group NATURE had a post with a desperate caption. 


Specifically, at midnight on January 4, NATURE‘s official Instagram account (@nature.nchworld) posted a black photo with a short caption that says: ‘NATURE can’t flop like this.’ It took a few hours for this post to be taken down, but it quickly became a trending topic across online communities and caused a stir among both Korean and international fans. 

Some netizens suspect NATURE‘s Instagram account of being hacked, while others believe that this was posted with an intention, speculating that a member of NATURE was so desperate for the group’s future that she posted this on Instagram thinking she was using a private account.


There are also netizens who think that this is a publicity stunt of the company (or an individual member) because they want NATURE to be noticed. Whatever the reason, most fans feel sorry for NATURE, a pretty and talented girl group with catchy music but still cannot rise to fame. 

NATURE debuted in 2018 and currently the group lineup includes 9 members Lu, Sohee, Aurora, Saebom, Chaebin, Haru, Loha, Uchae and Sunshine. However, 2 members Aurora and Loha are temporarily suspending their activities due to personal reasons. The group has some songs that are highly praised and the members are also appreciated for their gorgeous visuals. Some members are known to Korean netizens thanks to their participation in some web dramas. However, three years after its debut, the group is still unknown to the majority of netizens.

The latest comeback of NATURE was with the album ‘NATURE WORLD: CODE A‘ released in June 2020 with the title song ‘Girls‘. However, the group has been inactive for 2 years with no comeback. This situation makes many people think that NATURE has quietly disbanded. However, the group’s Youtube or Instagram channels are still recently updated.

NATURE – ‘Girls’ MV

Some of Knet’s comments on the Instagram post ‘NATURE can’t flop like that’: 

  • Did someone post this while they were drunk?
  • Isn’t this Kim Sohee’s group?!
  • Did a fan hack the group’s Instagram account?
  • I thought they were just trying to get attention, but this method received a negative reaction 10 years ago…
  • They took a while to delete that post, did they do it on purpose?!!
  • Isn’t this just a promotional gimmick?!!
  • Why do I get goosebumps over something like this…
  • They haven’t disbanded yet? I thought they disbanded?!
  • What is this? Or is this the group’s comeback concept?
  • But their music is so good! Such a pity!
  • I was really surprised when I read that post, what happened?!
  • Why doesn’t the company promote them properly in the first place? I really haven’t heard them release any new songs lately.
  • Or is their account hacked?  But if not, then they’re really doing a PR stunt.
  • I kept thinking that some member mistakenly posted the group Instagram instead of her private Instagram.
  • NATURE has a lot of good songs, listen to their songs
  • NATURE still posted a clip of happy new year 2022 to fans on December 31.
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