Netflix confirms The Baby Garden’s partial withdrawal of “In the Name of God” broadcast ban injunction

The Baby Garden withdrew its injunction request for a broadcasting ban on Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God”.

According to legal sources on March 20th, the cult “The Baby Garden” and their leader Kim Gwi Soon submitted a partial cancellation of their broadcast ban injunction to the Civil Agreement 50 Division (Chief judge Park Beom Seok) of the Seoul Central District Court. This decision is said to be based on the judgment that the request for an injunction against Netflix Korea, which is responsible for Korean subscription contracts, is meaningless since the broadcasting rights for “Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” belong to Netflix headquarters. 

i am god

On the same day, Netflix’s representative confirmed this to Sports TV News, saying “Regarding ‘In the Name of God’, it is true that the injunction against Netflix has been canceled”. In fact, it has only been a week since the news of the injunction request was announced on the 13th.

On the other hand, The Baby Garden’s side maintained its broadcast ban injunction against MBC and PD Cho Sung Hyun, who participated in the production of “In the Name of God”. The injunction inquiry is scheduled to take place on the 24th.

However, the legal community predicts that even if the injunction is cited, it will be difficult to stop the broadcast of “In the Name of God” since the copyright and broadcasting rights of the documentary have already been transferred to Netflix Worldwide.

“In the Name of God” is a Netflix original documentary that deals with four people who call themselves gods and cause a stir in Korea, and the victims surrounding them. Prior to The Baby Garden, cult JMS and its leader Jung Myung Seok, which were covered in episodes 1 to 3 of “In the Name of God”, also requested a broadcasting ban on this documentary ahead of its release on March 3rd but were rejected.

Source: Naver

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