aespa Karina flutters fans’ hearts with her unexpectedly glamorous body when wearing tank top

Karina, a member of the girl group aespa, captivated fans with her extraordinary physique and S-line body.

Recently, videos showing Karina while preparing for a stage spread widely on various online communities. 


The videos show Karina covering herself in a thick blanket while waiting on the set before her shoot. Then, she suddenly took the blanket off when it came to her scene, revealing her beautiful body. Inside the blanket, Karina was wearing a tank top that exposes her shoulder and waistlines.

Despite the cold weather, Karina still showcased a powerful gaze and choreography in her thin tank top as soon as the camera rolled. 

Although she was shivering from the cold, the female idol successfully delivered her professional stage presence.

Karina once again drew admiration with her skinny arms, legs, and waistlines contrasting her glamorous figure.

Netizens showed explosive reactions, such as “Isn’t that CG effect?”, “She really looks like an AI”, “Karina has everything”, “Her body figure is also amazing”, “Noona, I love you”, etc.


Karina’s group aespa is still gaining popularity. On May 18th, SM Entertainment announced that aespa’s third mini album “MY WORLD” topped the Retail Album and Album Weekly charts (May 7th ~ 13th) released on the same day.

The first-week sales record of aespa’s album surpassed 1,698,734 copies on Hanteo Chart, ranking first in the history of K-pop girl groups.

Source: Insight

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