ADOR Takes Legal Actions After NewJeans’ Minji Screenshot Malicious Comments

Previously on December 5, NewJeans’ Minji and Hyein held a live broadcast on the fan communication app Phoning, only to be attacked by malicious comments.

In response to this, Minji coolly took a screenshot of the comments to report to NewJeans’ agency ADOR, gave the commenters a stern warning, before reassuring fans. 

Minji Hyein

Immediately after, ADOR released an announcement that they will be taking legal actions against malicious comments directed at their artists, showing strong protection for NewJeans. 

In particular, the statement reads, “We are taking regular legal actions against acts such as malicious slander, insults, and defamation by spreading false information related to NewJeans, including malicious comments so far.”


The agency also stated that they would change live comments, which were previously available to all viewers, to only be available to subscribed members.

Source: Naver

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