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Ji Suk-jin, embarrassed by Running Man members’ revelations of his wealth… “Are you going to reveal all about my property?”

Ji Suk-jin looked embarrassed by disclosures of his property.

The July 31st broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man” was decorated as a special episode named “Running Man’s tailback” where if a certain member’s name tag is found, he/she will be absorbed by a tail.

What became an issue at the opening of this day’s broadcast was an article about Ji Suk-jin‘s fashion titled “If he covers his face, it looks like he’s in his 20s“. Seeing this, Yoo Jae-suk pointed out, “Ji Suk-jin is following Lim Ha-ryong’s path.”

Kim Jong-kook responded, “The difference is that Ji Suk-jin doesn’t have a building unlike Lim Ha-ryong.” The members added, “Instead, he has land in Paju. He also has something in Dongtan.”

To the members’ successive disclosures of his wealth, Ji Suk-jin sweated, saying, “Are you going to reveal all about my property on this show?” 

Source: daum

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