Son Heung Min’s reaction when Jeon Ji Hyun told him she’s a fan draws attention 

Even top actress Jeon Ji Hyun is a huge fan of soccer star Son Heung Min. 

Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun attended the Burberry 2023 F/W collection held in London, England on February 20th (local time). The photos they took together were posted on W Korea’s official Instagram.


In a short video released, Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun were captured on camera while fully dressed in classy outfits from Burberry. The two’s face combination drew attention by exuding an intense aura with just their presence.

After they finished taking photos together, Jeon Ji Hyun looked at Son Heung Min and said, “Thank you for your autograph.” 

Son Heung Min showed an embarrassed smile and said, “Oh, no no. Of course I have to sign it for you.” 

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Jeon Ji Hyun then told Son Heung Min, “I’m a big fan (of yours),” and put her hands together. Son Heung Min expressed gratitude to Jeon Ji Hyun by bowing his head, saying, “Thank you so much.” He was so surprised that he even covered his mouth for a moment. The shy appearance of Son Heung Min, which is quite different from how he usually looks during soccer matches, draws keen attention. 

Netizens commented, “The two both look so cool”, “Seeing Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun in the same frame is just wow…”, “Wow, what’s going on…”, “I’m having goosebumps…”, “A hard-to-see combination,” etc.

Source: wikitree

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