A Miss Korea has passed away at the age of 26 

The news of Lee Yeon Je’s passing at a young age has deeply saddened many people.

On June 25th, the South Korean media reported the passing of Miss Daegu 2020, Lee Yeon Je, at the age of 26. She passed away after undergoing surgery to treat a chronic illness.

Lee Yeon Je was crowned Miss Daegu in 2020.
Lee Yeon Je was crowned Miss Daegu in 2020.

Prior to her passing, Lee Yeon Je had expressed that she had temporarily halted her hosting duties at MBN due to health reasons. She expressed gratitude to her colleagues and friends who had supported her.

It has been two months of illness and recovery. Yesterday, thanks to my kind friends, I completed my final tasks before taking a sick leave. Despite the difficulties, I am very grateful and love those around me who have always supported me,” Lee Yeon Je wrote on her SNS. Fans were heartbroken by the untimely passing of the young MC, who had many dreams and aspirations.

Lee Yeon Je was born in 1996 and graduated with a degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Korea. She won the Miss Daegu pageant in 2020. She later took on a broadcasting position at Yonhap News TV. Last year, Lee Yeon Je applied to MBN and became a host for economic and current affairs programs.

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