From Bibi crying to Chungha saying she wants to quit her agency, female stars’ live broadcasts that worry fans

Both Bibi and Chungha recently expressed their sadness during live broadcasts. 

During a recent live broadcast to chat with fans, Chungha complained about her agency, thereby sparking a controversy over her being mistreated. This incident somewhat overlaps with the case of Bibi, who broke down in tears in the middle of a live broadcast a month ago.

Specifically, while communicating with fans through V LIVE, Chungha read a fan’s comment that asked her to go on a world tour. In response, Chungha said, “That is on my bucket list. I want to do it too.” She then directly named her company and said, “MNH, why aren’t you letting me do it?” 

When another fan asked, “Are you leaving the company?“, Chungha surprised everyone by saying, “I want to leave. Please take me out.” After that, Chungha hurriedly added, “Oh, can I say this? I take that back.” 

Later, on social media, the video of Chungha’s remarks in the live broadcast spread rapidly. It topped the real-time ranking of famous portal sites in Korea and became a trending topic among netizens. 

In fact, Chungha is not the first artist to have made such candid remarks to fans through a live broadcast. Just a month ago, on July 21st, during her Instagram live, Bibi burst into tears while complaining of fatigue over her non-stop schedules.

Bibi said, “I want to take a nap. I want to rest. But I can’t do those things without hard work. When you guys don’t see me, I’m working so hard. I wish I was not an artist. I can’t even remove my makeup.” 

The video of Bibi’s mental breakdown quickly went viral and sparked controversy over her being overworked by her agency Feel Good Music, which is run by Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae. However, Bibi later cleared up the misunderstanding and asked fans not to blame her company. She said she was just being dramatic because of stress during her album preparation. 

From the similar situations of Chungha and Bibi, it can be seen that artists can communicate comfortably with fans and share their honest feelings through live broadcasts. However, since they are public figures who can raise a lot of gossip with every word they say, it is necessary to make careful choices in words and actions so as not to cause misunderstanding to the public.

Source: daum

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