Go Doo Shim comforts Lee Yoo Ri & Song Joong Ki’s concerns during actors’ transition period, “You should accept it naturally”

Go Do Shim gave advice to actors who are worried about changing roles after getting older and experiencing big events in their careers.

The June 27th broadcast of Channel A’s “I Like Go Doo Shim” showed Lee Yoo Ri sharing her worries and sincere feelings about acting with senior actress Go Doo Shim while enjoying a trip together.

Lee Yoo Ri confessed, “I was really curious about this. Actresses also get old, right? I can see and feel that the roles we take have gradually changed. I’ve reached that point, too. Sometimes it makes me feel anxious. Aren’t the roles for actresses very limited?”

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She continued, “I find it unfair. Male actors can still do melodramas and play cool characters even when they get old. However, actresses don’t have many choices of roles. I still want to challenge new characters.”

Lee Yoo Ri’s confession reminds viewers of Song Joong Ki’s remark about career hiatus. Song Joong Ki sparked controversy with his answer in a recent interview with Chinese media about his marriage and his wife Katy’s pregnancy. In the interview, the actor said, “Sometimes, being a father, being a husband, means lost a job in this showing business.” 

Comparing actresses who have actually struggled after taking career hiatuses due to marriage and pregnancy, such as Park Ha Sun, Han Ji Hye, So Yoo Jin, etc., with actors who continue to rise in popularity as top stars even after marriage, the public harshly criticized Song Joong Ki due to this thoughtless remark.

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However, the concerns of Song Joong Ki and Lee Yoo Ri do have one thing in common. That’s the “transition period”.

Upon hearing the worries of Lee Yoo Ri, Go Doo Shim gave sincere advice from the perspective of an experienced senior actress. She said, “That’s right. I played mother roles then changed to aunt roles. I used to play leading roles, but now I play more supporting and minor roles. What I mean is that you need to accept things naturally”, showing sympathy for the reality that both actors and actress would face as they get older.

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The actress shared her experience, saying “In my case, ‘Country Diaries’ served as a shield. Who was the main character in that drama? Even veteran actors like Kim Hye Ja and Choi Bool Am were just folding screens. We took turns playing the main role. Thanks to that, I didn’t feel the big gap when transitioning from leading roles to smaller roles.”

Go Doo Shim emphasized, “Actors who started as leads from the beginning seem to struggle the most. You should worry too much and just accept it naturally”. She added, “Actresses seem to be aging a lot. There should be more projects for them”, cheering Lee Yoo Ri and comforting her.

Source: Nate

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