iKON Bobby “B.I = My bro, let’s give him a chance to make it up to you”

iKON Bobby shared his thoughts on the fandom's criticism towards B.I

On Sep 11th, Bobby posted through his SNS comments section, “I feel u honestly cuz he is my bro. He did show and did some bad influence to our next gen but can’t stop my love for him tho.”

bobby ikon

Bobby conveyed his conviction, “U kno he knos what he did was wrong and everything but let’s not make this whole game commercial and shxt tho. I love him as much as u love him. Let’s not forget he a good dude. Let’s give him a chance to make it up to you. Forgiveness is most noble thing that humanbeing can do.

Bobby added, “Don’t put in work for ot7 or ot6 and some. I’m not trynna be political or none. Just trynna let yall kno how i feel for whoever. STOP THIS WAR.”

Source: Nate

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