Has Kwon Mina (AOA) started a love relationship?

Kwon Mina (former AOA member) recently shared a selfie with a man, who is said to be her boyfriend.

Kwon Mina posted a photo with a purple heart emoticon on her Instagram on June 26th.

In the photo, the former AOA member is staring at the camera with a man. The two showed off their unique chemistry with warm-hearted visuals.

Netizens said “I’m glad you’re doing well today”, “Unnie, fighting” “She’s so pretty”. In particular, one netizen commented, “Do you have a boyfriend? As long as you are happy, we’re all right,” and the former idol replied “yes”, revealing her love affair.

Kwon Mina debuted as a member of AOA in 2012 and after she left her group in 2019, she worked as an actress. She later revealed that she had been harassed by Jimin, the leader of AOA at that time and Jimin had to leave the group.

The former AOA member recently did a good job and shared a brighter mood.

Source: Nate

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