From NewJeans Danielle to Lincoln appearing in American movies “‘Real Kids Story Rainbow’ children are now grown up”

The children who appeared on "Real Kids Story Rainbow" have experienced rapid growth and are continuing their entertainment careers in various fields

“Real Kids Story Rainbow” was an entertainment program that aired on tvN in 2011. Danielle (Mo Ji-hye), who was a participant on this program, gained renewed attention when she debuted as a member of NewJeans in 2022.

“Real Kids Story Rainbow” was instrumental in launching many child stars at the time. Aleyna, Cristina, Woo Doyoon, Danielle, Daniel, Lincoln and others gained recognition through “Real Kids Story Rainbow”.

Newjeans Daniel

After appearing on “Real Kids Story Rainbow”, NewJeans Danielle engaged in activities as a child model and also pursued broadcasting activities. Currently, NewJeans enjoys significant popularity both domestically and internationally.

Lincoln has consistently worked as a child actor. In 2018, he briefly appeared in Season 14 of the popular American drama series “Criminal Minds”, stepping into Hollywood. Moreover, he is soon to appear in the upcoming American movie “Popular Theory”. In this film, Lincoln portrays a classmate of the protagonist, who is a young genius. In the recently released trailer for “Popular Theory”, Lincoln showed a brief yet impactful presence.


Last year, Daniel, a former member of “Real Kids Story Rainbow”, appeared on MBC’s idol audition program “Fantasy Boys”, becoming a topic of conversation. Although he initially showed lacking skills, he garnered favor with his hardworking attitude. However, he did not join the debut group.

Most of the participants from “Real Kids Story Rainbow” had brief broadcasting activities after the show and are currently not active in the entertainment industry. Amidst this, the remarkable activities of Danielle and Lincoln, both domestically and internationally, are particularly notable. The stormy growth and recent activities of these familiar faces continue to capture the attention of netizens.

Source: Nate

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