10 K-Dramas With The Highest Ratings in 2023

According to Nielsen, below are the 10 K-Dramas released in 2023 which records the highest viewership ratings 

1. Taxi Driver 2: 21%

2 years after season 1 of “Taxi Driver” made waves, the series returned with the same cast, continuing the story of Kim Do-gi (played by Lee Je-hoon) and his team on a journey to deliver justice and help those unable to seek fairness for themselves. 


In the first episode, Do-gi is tasked with finding a Korean youth who went missing for 10 months after arriving in Vietnam. Accepting the task, he decides to go alone and discovers an international criminal network operating an online gambling website. These individuals often lure Koreans to work but, in reality, aim to turn them into slaves, subjecting them to brutal exploitation and abuse.

2. Doctor Cha: 18.545%

doctor cha

Doctor Cha” revolves around Cha Jung-sook (played by Uhm Jung-hwa), a 47-year-old housewife who lost faith in her husband after an unexpected crisis. In addition, Jung-hwa discovers that her husband was having an affair, and so decided to live for herself by returning to her medical career and becoming a hospital intern.

3. Crash Course in Romance: 17.038%

Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance” tells the story of Nam Haeng-seon (played by Jeon Do-yeon), a former athlete who runs a banchan shop. In an attempt to help her niece get good education, she forms a deal with the picky celebrity instructor Choi Chi-yeol (played by Jung Kyung-ho), which eventually leads to an unexpected romance. The series is beloved for its unique perspective on education and well-developed as well as authentic characters.

4. Dr. Romantic 3: 16.8%

Back in 2016, the first installment of the “Dr. Romantic” series made its debut, eventually achieving resounding success and becoming an icon of Korean medical dramas. In 2023, Season 3 of “Dr. Romantic” was released, continuing the story of doctors working in the rural Doldam Hospital. 

Dr. Romantic 3

Like its previous seasons, “Dr. Romantic 3” is beloved for exploring intriguing stories about individuals in the medical field and providing positive energy to viewers.

5. Agency: 16.044%


Starring Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun, Han Joon-woo, and Jo Sung-ha, “Agency” attracts viewers with the story of female workers in the competitive advertising industry. The 16-episode series revolves around Go Ah-in, a woman from humble beginnings who, after 20 years of dedication, realizes that her superiors do not appreciate her capabilities. With its intense script and captivating characters, “Agency” manages to captivates the attention of viewers.

6. King the Land: 13.789%

King the Land

With its great reception, “King the Land” marks Yoona’s return after the success of “Big Mouth” and continues Lee Jun-ho’s hit streak after “The Red Sleeve”. Adopting the familiar love-hate relationship troupe, “King the Land” portrays the unintentional love between a conglomerate heir and a diligent staff member. 

The emotional reactions and intense chemistry between Yoona and Jun-ho are a key factor that garnered positive feedback from the audience.

7. My Dearest: 12.9%

My Dearest” is divided into two parts, which pilot episodes aired in August and October, respectively. This historical drama is highly praised for successfully depicting the vibrant life and resilient spirit of Joseon-era people during a time of war. 

my dearest

In addition, the poignant love story between Lee Jang-hyun (played by Namgoong Min) and Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin) stands out in a society full of upheavals. Alongside its well-regarded script, “My Dearest” also captivates viewers with meticulous attention to costumes, lighting, action, and post-production.

8. The Good Bad Mother: 12.032%

With only 14 episodes, this series captivates audiences with its rural life theme. The plot revolves around the single mother Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) trying to raise her son Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun) with the hope that he will become a prosecutor and take revenge for his father. 

The Good Bad Mother-thumbnail

As Kang-ho grew up, however, he became cold-hearted and distant from his mother, until he got into an accident which resulted in paralysis and amnesia, leaving him with the mindset of a seven-year-old child. As a result, Young-soon had to take care of Kang-ho again, and various incidents unfolds around them. 

This series attracts viewers with its humane script, unexpected and touching situations, and the well-rounded performances of the cast.

9. Payback: 11.4%


“Payback” brings a story of individuals fighting against the wealthy elite using power to gain personal advantages. Beyond legal means, they are forced to resort to “special measures” to triumph over the malicious oppressors, even if it means bending the rules.

10. Revenant: 11.2%


Revenant” follows the quest to find the “long-haired demon” of Goo San-yeong (Kim Tae-ri) and folklore professor Yeom Hae-sang (Oh Jung-se). In the story, Goo San-yeong is occasionally possessed by the demon, leading to sudden and uncontrollable behaviors, and has to try to rid herself of it. 

The strong bond between her and the professor is central, as the demon inhabiting her is believed to be the one who killed his mother.

Source: K14

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