IU was stopped from grilling meat by an actor, this is the reason why

Heo Joon Seok, who starred in the movie “Dream” along with IU, had to snatch her tongs and stop her from grilling meat 

On April 25th, a video titled “[IU’s Palette] DREAM will show everything a movie promotion can (With ‘DREAM’ team) Ep.20” was released on IU’s official YouTube channel.


The video features actors Park Seo Joon, Jung Seung Gil, and Heo Joon Seok, who starred in the movie “Dream” directed by Lee Byeong Heon.

Here, Heo Joon Seok drew laughter by sharing the story of how he came to appear in “Dream”. According to the actor, he was hesitant when first hearing about “Dream” from director Lee Byeong Heon. However, when the director mentioned that Park Seo Joon and IU will be appearing, he immediately changed his mind.


Heo Joon Seok then said that the most memorable moment during the movie shoot was the first dinner gathering after the script reading.

“After our first script reading, we went to have barbecue, IU was sitting across from me”, he said, adding, “I’m good at grilling meat, so I was going to, but IU offered to grill the meat.”

However, IU ended up burning 90% of the pieces, except for hers, so Heo Joon Seok had no choice but to ask IU to hand the tongs over and let him do it, causing laughter.

Regarding this, Koreans who are serious about meat have shown explosive responses. In particular, they left comments such as “IU made a mistake,” “Ji Eun, this can’t be shielded..,” and “Ji Eun, why did you do that?” 


Meanwhile, some even jokingly said, “I’ll eat burnt meat if IU gives it to me,” and “I’ll even eat the meat tongs if IU gives them to me”, cracking up the readers.

Meanwhile, the movie “Dream” tells the story of soccer player Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon) facing the worst crisis of his career and becoming a coach for a homeless World Cup team without any plan or will, leading to an unexpected result. 

In the movie, realistic and passionless PD So Min (IU) also joins to produce a documentary, adding more fun to the story.

The movie “Dream”, which was released on April 26th, has reached the number 1 spot at the box office on the 28th, the second day since its release.

Source: Insight

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