SNSD Taeyeon and her top-level popularity: winning the love of many idols and turning “Queendom” into her own fanmeeting

Taeyeon recently stole the spotlight with her impressive appearance as the MC for “Queendom 2”.

Taeyeon is loved not only for her talent as the leader of SNSD but also her attractive visual. She has become the role model of many idols in new generations. That’s why she always draws attention and admiration from fans and other celebrities every time shows up in front of the camera. The recent moment when Taeyeon appeared as the host at Queendom 2 has proved her hot popularity.

SNSD Taeyeon
Taeyeon wowed everyone with her beautiful appearance at Queendom

Mnet’s “Queendom 2” recently aired the first episode on the evening of March 24th. This survival show has attracted keen attention since it revealed the amazing lineup of 6 famous female celebrities, including Brave Girls, Hyolyn (SISTAR’s former member), Cosmic Girls (WJSN), LOONA, VIVIZ, and Kep1er. In addition, music fans also showed enthusiastic responses when Taeyeon was confirmed to appear as the MC of “Queendom 2”.

SNSD Taeyeon
Taeyeon’s appearance has aroused more attention for the show

SNSD’s leader made an amazing appearance on the first episode of “Queendom 2”. She showed off her goddess visual with impressive makeup and styling. She also caught the eyes of netizens with her hair dyed with bright color and her milky white skin. Not only fans but other stars were also overwhelmed by Taeyeon’s beauty.

The moment Taeyeon stepped out, all the show contestants couldn’t hold their excitement. Many idols cheered loudly when seeing Taeyeon’s splendid visual. SinB (VIVIZ), Hyolyn and Chaehyun (Kep1er) were extremely happy to meet the great senior. Seeing this scene, fans jokingly say that Taeyeon is actually the “king” at this “Queendom” show.

SNSD Taeyeon
The idols showed great admiration when Taeyeon appeared.

This is not the first time Taeyeon has made other female stars “crazy” like fangirls. She is famous for the title “idol of idols” because of her talent, beauty, and good personality. Over 10 years in showbiz, the female idol has won the hearts of many colleagues.

Besides her passion for music, what helps Taeyeon win the hearts of those around her is her kind and humorous personality. In SM, she is very much loved by Super Junior members. It is known that the male group members consider Taeyeon as a little sister and always take care of her. The beauty born in 1989 is also loved by SHINee members and they considered her as a big sister in the family.

SNSD Taeyeon
Heechul always took care of Taeyeon

In addition, Taeyeon is also loved by many other male stars in the industry. Park Jin Young once said that Taeyeon was one of the female artists he wanted to bring to JYP. Some other male idols such as Park Hyo Shin, PSY, Young Saeng (SS501), Moon Hee Jun (HOT), Changmin (2AM), WooYoung (2PM), BamBam (GOT7) also love Taeyeon and praise her visual.

The leader of SNSD also won a lot of love from female stars. BoA, Bada (S.E.S) always give her beautiful compliments. Some other female idols, who are also passionate fans of Taeyeon, include Seung Yeon (Kara), Red Velvet, Baek Ji Young, Sunmi (Wonder Girls).

SNSD Taeyeon
The colleagues at SM Entertainments are close to Taeyeon. (Photo: Pinterest)
SNSD Taeyeon
The female idol really respects her juniors. (Photo: Pinterest)
SNSD Taeyeon
Other colleagues in the company also love Taeyeon. (Photo: Pinterest)

Another factor that helps her conquer fans’ hearts is a series of her genuine makeup looks. In the past, she often appeared with new makeup styles that made everyone look mesmerized. Surely, fans will not forget Taeyeon’s makeup layout in her comeback with the album ‘Weekend‘ and the title track ‘INVU‘. Accordingly, she has sweet makeup with fairy-like tones. At the same time, the female idol’s pink dyed hair is also a great attraction to fans.

SNSD Taeyeon
Taeyeon’s makeup has never been boring. (Photo: Pinterest)

In addition, Taeyeon also has many other luxurious makeup looks that make fans fall deeply in love with her. From eyeliner shapes, lipsticks to hairstyles, all of them help the female idol show off her amazing visuals. Because of being so creative and thoughtful, SM’s makeup artists always receive many compliments from netizens. Many people also joked that SM should give Taeyeon’s stylist and makeup artists a raise.

SNSD Taeyeon
Taeyeon’s collection of hair color. (Photo: Pinterest)

Every time Taeyeon appears, she always becomes the center of attention thanks to her top-notch appearance. Not only receiving the admiration of the fan community, but she is also the idol of many of her colleagues. It can be seen that the leader of SNSD is one of the rare female idols with a crowded fandom full of fans and also idols.

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