Lizzy, Lee Na Eun, and Cho Hye Jung, female stars who return despite controversies

In the past, a scandal may completely ruin a celebrity’s career. However, the case is different now, and many are making a comeback amid controversies. 

In October of last year, Lizzy (real name Park Soo Young), a member of the group After School, signed with a new agency. She signed an exclusive contract with BK Ent and even released a new profile picture.

However, in May 2021, Lizzy was driving her Mercedes near Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, when she collided with a taxi in front of her. At the time, Lizzy’s blood alcohol level was at the level of license revocation.

lizzy profile picture

The idol-actress then admitted to most of the DUI charges, and was sentenced to pay a fine of 15 million won in the first trial, which was held in October of the same year.

Lizzy, who had spoken out against drunk driving in the past, was embroiled in this very scandal, thus faced heavy criticism. Against the public’s disappointment, she went on a hiatus to self-reflect for 1 year and 5 months. 

After the hiatus concluded, Lizzy started to return. While there has been no official schedules, the idol-actress seems to be preparing for a project, and often updates her SNS with various photos.  

after school lizzy

Cho Hye Jung, the daughter of actor Cho Jae Hyun, resumed her SNS activities last month. In particular, the actress revealed a new profile picture and showed off her completely changed visuals. She seemed to have lost a lot of weight as if she had succeeded in dieting.

In July of last year, Cho Hye Jung signed an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment. She briefly appeared in works such as tvN’s “Our Blues”, making a slow but eventual return. 

cho hye jung

It seems that after her father’s admittance to sexual misconduct in 2018, Cho Hye Jung is aiming to carefully come back after 5 years. 

Finally, Lee Na Eun, a former member of Kpop girl group April, reported news after a long time since her bullying allegations. In August of last year, the idol-actress signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors, and declared that she’s pursuing an acting career instead of idol promotions. 

Lee Na-eun

Meanwhile, Lee Na Eun’s current agency Namoo Actors recently delivered the now-actress’ New Year’s greetings. Here, Lee Na Eun said, “Hello. I am actress Lee Na-eun. My wish for 2023 is ‘to be a better tomorrow than today’. Happy New Year everyone and have a prosperous year :)♥”.

Back in April 2021, Lee Na Eun was suspected of bullying Lee Hyun Joo, a former member of April. She denied the accusations, and while there were arguments and conflicts within the group, it was difficult to judge if they amounted to the level of bullying. 

Lee Na-eun thumbnail

April ended up disbanding due to the aforementioned allegations, and Lee Na Eun is embarking on a new path by signing with a new agency. 

As stars are starting to return despite their controversies, attention is being focused on whether their comeback will be successful. 

Source: Naver 

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