What would happen if NMIXX Sullyoon and IVE Wonyoung took a photo together?

What is “doubled visual”?  Just look at Wonyoung (IVE) and Sullyoon (NMIXX) standing next to each other!

Up to now, the competition for the title of No.1 female visual of the 4th generation is revolving around famous and beautiful girl groups such as aespa, IVE, ITZY, STAYC, NMIXX.  In which, Wonyoung (IVE) seems to have secured the top spot thanks to her visual that matches the taste of Knetizens.  She used to have no opponent on the visual charts until Sullyoon (NMIXX) appeared and turned the game upside down.

Previously, the two had a face-to-face visual battle on the Music Bank stage where NMIXX appeared to promote the debut song “O.O” and Wonyoung took on the role of MCs. Rookie idol Sullyoon utterly outperformed her senior with her small, doll-like face and fresh, brilliant aura that day. The “battle’s” final result, however, is still uncertain. Fans of Kpop are always looking for new opportunities to compare the visuals of the two most prominent faces of the new generation.

Jang Wonyoung IVE Sullyoon NMIXX
Sullyoon was said to be more prominent than Wonyoung.

Recently, a netizen edited images of Wonyoung and Sullyoon standing next to each other. Both of them wear white outfits and use almost similar hair accessories.  Thanks to that, fans can admire the “doubled visual” moment of the 2 female idols born in 2004.

Netizens were amazed when they realized Wonyoung and Sullyoon‘s visuals harmonized as if they were from the same group. Many people believe that both of them have a fairy vibe, that they have not only a beautiful face but also a luxurious charisma and a ladylike style, which makes them deserving of being the top visuals of the 4th generation.

However, many people believe that Sullyoon is only attractive when she is alone, and that when she is with Wonyoung, her body and charisma are visibly overwhelmed. Korean netizens appear to prefer Wonyoung‘s visual.

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Both are so pretty but Wonyoung seems to stand out.
  • Wonyoung was born to be a celebrity.  She has the aura of a star.  I thought Sullyoon would be the 4th generation No.1 visual until I saw these pictures.
  • They’re both so pretty so don’t compare them
  • Great, excellent, ươnderfull! I wish I could live with Sullyoon or Wonyoung’s face just one day.
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