Oh My Girl YooA, who boast a goddess-like body, surprised netizens with her height 

New daily life photos of female idol YooA (Oh My Girl) on SNS are drawing attention. 

On August 29th, Oh My Girl YooA posted more than 10 photos on her Instagram along with the caption: “Walking”.

In the published photo, the female idol was wearing a sweatshirt and matching shorts. She freely walks the streets at night, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a magazine pictorial.

With her socks, low-heeled ballet flats, and ideal physique, many netizens were surprised to learn that YooA’s height actually belongs to the 150-cm-ish range.

In particular, the female idol is 159.2cm tall and weighs 44kg, according to her official profile.

Fans who saw the photos left comments like: “You look like a walking fairy”, “Your face is really small”, “You look so hip and pretty while taking a walk”, “I just can’t stop admiring your stature”, and “How are you so beautiful?”

YooA debuted in the girl group Oh My Girl in 2015 and has since been actively engaged in activities.

In March, Oh My Girl released their 2nd full-length album “Real Love”. On the 16th and 18th of next month, they will stand on the stage of “KIF Idol Festival 2022 Songdo-Incheon”, which will be held at the Moonlight Plaza in Songdo, Incheon.

Following are the photos that YooA posted on social media:

Source: wikitree

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