Most eye-catching historical K-drama actress nowadays: simple styling yet gorgeous, top-tier acting

Despite this being her first time acting in a historical K-drama, this stunning actress still pulled off an excellent portrayal. 

The ongoing historical K-drama “The Forbidden Marriage” is currently drawing a lot of attention and receiving positive reviews. While the leading actor, Kim Young Dae, got mixed reactions for his performances, leading actress Park Ju Hyun is being showered with praise. 

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In “The Forbidden Marriage”, ParK Ju Hyun assumes the role of Ye So Rang, who is a swindler that claims to be able to interpret martial harmony signs and helps couples to sneakily get married despite a nation-wide ban. However, she was discovered and jailed, and to escape such predicament, pretends to be possessed by a spirit. In particular, she lied that she can see the spirit of King Lee Heon’s late wife, and acts as if the spirit possesses her body. Meanwhile, Lee Heon has been heartbroken over the death of his beloved wife for 7 years, and thus let So Rang stay by his side in desperation. 

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In this K-drama, Park Ju Hyun managed to pull off a convincing image of So Rang – who is cunning and sneaky, yet at the same time lively and positive. Despite wearing rather plain outfits and donning little makeup, the actress still shines spectacularly, imprinting herself in the mind of viewers with her smile, which is as radiant as the sun. 

Surprisingly, despite her outstanding acting skills, Park Ju Hyun is a rookie actress who made her debut in the 2019 film “The Dude in Me”. “The Forbidden Marriage” is her first time starring in a historical K-drama, and through her performance here, Park Ju Hyun really proves herself as a “monster rookie”. In fact, she is even compared to actress Kim Da Mi for her fast progress and versatility. 

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Prior to “The Forbidden Marriage”, Park Ju Hyun drew attention after appearing in the web-drama “Extracurricular”. In this drama, the actress boasts a haunting appearance and successfully transformed into female lead Bae Gyu Ri. She would later work with male lead Ji Soo, who runs a student prostitution ring, and defy the wishes of her seemingly proper but over controlling parents. 

As Bae Gyu Ri, Park Ju Hyun was named the winner for the 2021 Baeksang’s Best New Actress – an honor that many others dream of. 

park ju hyun

In 2022, Park Ji Hyun also landed major roles in the Netflix movie “Seoul Vibe” and in the K-drama “Love All Play”. Each time, she perfectly transforms into a completely different character, attracting the eyes of famous directors and producers. With such immense potential, expectations are high for Park Ju Hyun’s future projects, both on the big and small screen.  

Source: k14

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