“Queen of Tears” Park Sung-hoon and Lee Mi-sook’s mother-son poster revealed “It took 30 years”

"Queen of Tears" Park Sung-hoon and Lee Mi-sook's poster filled with ambitions has been unveiled

The mother-son poster of Moh Seul-hee (Lee Mi-sook) and Yoon Eun-sung (Park Sung-hoon) in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Queen of Tears” is attracting attention.

In episodes 7 and 8, viewers were shocked to learn that “Mother Teresa of Queens” Moh Seul-hee and the capable investor Yoon Eun-sung were in a mother-son relationship, aiming to take over the Queens Group under the goal of escaping poverty and achieving wealth and honor.

queen of tears

In the newly revealed mother-son poster, against the backdrop of a family photo of the Queens family, Yoon Eun-sung and Moh Seul-hee are depicted sitting confidently as if they are now the owners themselves. Moh Seul-hee, with a satisfied smile while tightly holding her grown-up son’s arm, says, “It took 30 years. To make this house ours.

On the other hand, Yoon Eun-sung’s expression, whether it’s joy or something else, is inscrutable as he gazes directly ahead. Previously, Yoon Eun-sung showed his affection for Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) and obviously aimed for her side, raising curiosity about his true intentions.

Moreover, attention is drawn to the family photo of the Queens family hanging behind Yoon Eun-sung and Moh Seul-hee in the poster. The expressions of the Queens family members, except for Yoon Eun-sung, Moh Seul-hee and Cheon Da-hye (Lee Joo-bin), who was their ally, seem somewhat stiff, evoking the sense of their becoming destitute. Interest is focused on whether the Queens family, who once had no fear under the sky, can regain their share.

“Queen of Tears” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 PM.

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