Hyun Bin to Star as Male Lead in MV, Top-notch “Dad Visuals”

Recently, singer Kim Bum-soo revealed the second teaser for his soon-to-be-released song “The World of You”. This teaser soon took everyone by surprise as star actor Hyun Bin suddenly appeared as the male lead.

Hyun bin

In the aforementioned teaser, Hyun Bin can be seen picking up a necklace from the table and examining it with a melancholic expression. Hyun Bin’s emotionally charged expressions, almost on the verge of tears, combined with Kim Bum-soo’s soulful singing, contribute to intensifying the emotions for viewers.

It has been a long time since audiences have seen Hyun Bin in the role of a male lead in an MV. Throughout his artistic career, the actor has accepted roles in only about 5 MVs, and 2 of them are for Kim Bum-soo, proving a close relationship. 

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19 years ago, Hyun Bin starred alongside Lee Da-hae in the music video for Kim Bum-soo’s “Memory.” At that time, Hyun Bin was just a young man in his twenties. Now, he has become a  dad, leading a happy family life alongside his beautiful wife Son Ye-jin and their adorable son.

In fact, the actor was recently spotted in Japan, enjoying a restaurant date with Son Ye-jin.

The music video for Kim Bum-soo’s “The World of You” is set to be released on January 25 at 6:00 PM (KST).

Source: K14

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