The world is now BTS V-holic, he again ranked first in the “2018 Most Handsome Men”

BTS V has become the talk of the town again when topping the “2018 Most Handsome Men,” hosted by the Global Entrepreneurs site.

The site’s SNS account was followed by about 58,000 people, and people around the world paid great attention to the results of the selection. The list was made to nominate handsome stars from various fields around the world, including Hollywood stars Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan and Zac Efron.


BTS V has been selected as the world’s most beautiful face by TC Candler in 2017 and the most charming man in Asia in 2018 by Asia Entertainment Star Moment. He also won the title of the most beautiful man in the earth by Dama.bg, a Bulgarian women’s website and the world’s most handsome man for four times.

BTS V is considered the world’s leading beauty, surpassing Korea by ranking first in the “2018 Most Handsome Men.

Souces: Naver

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