“It’s Beautiful Now” starts off with a high viewership of 24.5% in the first episode

The follow-up series to the famous drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” started with a good performance.

The first episode of KBS2’s “It’s Beautiful Now”, which aired on April 2nd, boasted a nationwide rating of 24.5% (based on Nielson Korea’s release). This record is higher than that of KBS 2’s “Young Lady and Gentleman”, which attracted huge attention when it was aired.

It's Beautiful Now

In the first broadcast of “It’s Beautiful Now”, large families, two with 3 generations and one with 4 generations, were introduced, unveiling realistic stories about our daily life. The drama unfolded many realistic problems and worries that happen to family members, such as the grandfather Kyung-chul (Park In-hwan), who wants to see his great-grandchild act cute, Kyung-ae (Kim Hye-ok), who worries about her three sons who are living on their own, and Min-ho (Park Sang-won), a father who wants to mediate between his son and his wife.

It's Beautiful Now

By giving hints about couples, such as dentist Yoon-jae (Oh Min-seok) and lawyer Hae-joon (Shin Dong-mi), who needs to receive neurological treatments, courier part-timer Soo-jae (Seo Bum-joon) and Yu-na (Choi Ye-bin), etc., raising high expectations.

It's Beautiful Now

In particular, the detail in which Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin), who decided to marry Jun-hyung (Lee Hyun-jin) and registered her marriage in advance, found out that Jun-hyung’s educational backgrounds and relationships are all false, she comes to meet lawyer Hyun-jae (Yoon Si-yoon) as a client caught the attention of many viewers. Hyun-jae, who says he respects the opinions of comparing law firms, ended the broadcast with the unexpected remark, “I will not take charge of this lawsuit”.

It's Beautiful Now

The production team said, “One good point about ‘It’s Beautiful Now’ is that there will be no details that would make you feel frustrated. Great developments will be shown thanks to screenwriter Ha Myung-hee’s bold script writing skills”. They continued, “Please look forward to seeing how Hyun-jae and Mi-rae, who had an unusual first meeting, will develop their romance, and the decisions that the adults in Lee family will make for the marriages of the 3 sons”.

The second episode of “It’s Beautiful Now” will air at 8 p.m today (April 3rd).

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