A Korean female singer can’t put on face masks due to plastic surgery complications

Female singer Chae Ri-na faces trouble in her life resulting from plastic surgery complications. She said she could not wear a mask herself.

 On June 18, Chae Ri-na appeared in the show Mister Radio. The singer talked about the complications and the problems she encountered in life after undergoing plastic surgery.

 “The cartilage on my ear has disappeared after some operations, so now I can not wear a mask. Every time I try to wear it, it falls down, it’s helpless,” Chae Ri-na shared in sadness on the radio.  .

In the past, Chae Ri-na regularly took cartilage from her ears to increase her nose bridge. Currently, she has removed cartilage from her nose to return to look before surgery. However, doctors have no way to bring cartilage back to the ear. Therefore, the singer is unable to wear a mask like normal people.

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Immediately after Chae Ri-na revealed her status, on social media, many fans showed encouragement to the female singer.  Many people also said they sympathize with her because they also have the same problem as they did not fully understand the side effects of removing the cartilage from the ears.

Two years ago, Chae Ri Na once confessed that she regretted having double eyelid surgery: “If I can go back to that time then I wouldn’t get double eyelid surgery. After that, I had to undergo surgery to shrink my eye size.

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 Chae Ri Na used to give advice to her juniors, saying “There are juniors who get surgery to become prettier but make sure it gets done correctly. Don’t do the eye-opening operation. Your face can look cramped if done wrong.

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