YG drop Jisoo’s individual teaser poster for their upcoming album. Fans guessed the wrong order of members in the back shadow photo!

Like the previous comeback, Jisoo went on to be the opener of a series of personal teasers to promote the new album.

At 9:00 a.m KST September 22, YG started to release BLACKPINK’s personal teaser photos to promote their first full album THE ALBUM. Jisoo is the member who opened this series, just like their last comeback with the song Ice Cream a month ago.

 Jisoo’s teaser is quite simple when it’s just a portrait of her. But as expected, Jisoo has never disappointed netizens because of her beauty. Her facial features are as perfect as Miss Korea.

From Jisoo’s ‘bad girl’ figure, fans guess that the concept of BLACKPINK’s new song will be ‘girl crush’.

After the teaser was revealed, the hashtag #Jisoo reached # 4 on Twitter top global trending. This shows that her beauty always excites the audiences.

In particular, Jisoo’s teaser also answered the question of “whose is back” in BLACKPINK’s first teaser, which confused the fandom yesterday. Based on the hint of the dancer and the outfits, fans have guessed the order of memebers was: Lisa – Jisoo – Rosé and Jennie.

But based on Jisoo’s short hair and outfit in the individual teaser, the female idol is the last to appear in the group’s teaser photo, not the 2nd!

Fans commented as follows:

– Correct order is Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo. Based on my body shape, I affirm that my judgment is correct!

– So, the dancer tagged the names in the wrong order. Feeling I don’t know who to who, tomorrow there will be number 3, I don’t know if it’s Lisa or Rosé.

– Jisoo turns out to be the last girl in the previous teaser.

– How does this bad girl figure match Kim Jisoo so well.

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