Lee Young Ji “I wanted to get the same mole tattoo as yours”…Kim Chaewon “Should I give you my mole on your birthday?”

Kim Chaewon's tension exploded.

On May 5th, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon appeared as the 4th guest of “Not Much Prepared” season 2.


Lee Young Ji introduced “The visual is going to be lit” then LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon appeared. Kim Chaewon drew attention by preparing scented candles and tissues as gifts for Lee Young Ji. Kim Chaewon said, “It’s hoping that everything goes well.” Lee Young Ji caused laughter as she responded, “Is that what it means by giving tissues? I didn’t know.

Lee Young Ji asked, “When you had your hair short, I was rolling and screaming on the floor. Because you were so pretty. After you’ve got a haircut, a lot of people show your photo when they’re getting a haircut. Do you know that? Kim Chaewon made everyone laugh by replying, “I know a little bit.


Lee Young Ji said, “While seeing you, I thought about whether I should cut it or not. I looked in the mirror. It’s your fault if I get a haircut tomorrow.” Kim Chaewon encouraged, “Cut it, cut it.

Kim Chaewon revealed, “I think this is the first time that my fans have seen me drinking. My threshold is a bottle and a half. When I’m drunk, it’s hard to tell that I was drunk.


Lee Young Ji envied Kim Chaewon’s straight posture. Kim Chaewon made everyone burst into laughter by correcting Lee Young Ji’s posture. Lee Young Ji lamented, “You are a kind bad girl. There’s a kind of a style, you know.

Lee Young Ji drew attention by saying, “I cried while watching LE SSERAFIM’s documentary. I cried at that part. You were standing like this, and the choreographer was angry.” Kim Chaewon shared, “My hobby is watching my fancam.” Lee Young Ji caused laughter as she said, “I wanted to get the same mole tattoo as yours. I wanted to do it, so is there a marker?

Kim Chaewon said, “You’re the first one who mentioned my mole. Actually, I was thinking about erasing them.” Lee Young Ji told Kim Chaewon, “If you want to remove it, you should give it to me.” Kim Chaewon replied “Should I give you my mole on your birthday?“, making people laugh.

Source: Nate

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