Park Min-young’s Appearance With “New Lover” Revealed in “Marry My Husband” Still Cuts

Still cuts of the upcoming K-drama “Marry My Husband”, featuring Park Min-young has been revealed

Recently, tvN released still cuts of Park Min-young and Na In-woo in the drama “Marry My Husband.” Among them, two photos of the actress drew attention as she displayed expressions of worry and surprise. In another photo, the chemistry of the couple seems to have increased as they became closer. 

Marry My Husband
Park Min-young’s expressions of concern and surprise pique the audience’s curiosity about what might be happening to her.

In “Marry My Husband,” Park Min-young plays the female lead Kang Ji-won, who unfortunately suffers from a serious illness and discovers that her husband, Park Min-hwan, is having an affair with her close friend, Jung Soo-min. In the end, Kang Ji-won dies at the hands of her despicable husband, but luckily gets a chance to be reborn back in time, when she hasn’t gotten married.

Marry My Husband
In “Marry My Husband,” Park Min-young will become a couple with Na In-woo.

As a result, Kang Ji-won sets out to change her fate and seek revenge. On this journey, she develops a romantic relationship with Yoo Ji-hyuk, the male lead played by Na In-woo.

Previously, Kang Ji-won and Yoo Ji-hyuk, despite working together, were never close. Their relationship was just that of ordinary colleagues. However, now everything unexpectedly takes a different turn.

The drama “Marry My Husband,” starring Park Min-young, airs every Monday and Tuesday, starting from January 1, 2024, on tvN.

Source: K14

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