BoA, have her visuals changed somewhere? “Transform into villainess in ‘Marry My Husband'”

BoA appeared in the 11th episode of tvN’s drama “Marry My Husband”, which aired on Feb 5th.

BoA challenged acting for the first time in 7 years since the 2017 film “Autumn Sonata”. She returned to the small screen after 8 years since KBS 2TV’s drama “Listen to Love”, which aired in 2016.

When the casting news for “Marry My Husband” was announced before the broadcast, SM Entertainment told Xportsnews, “BoA will appear in tvN’s drama ‘Marry My Husband’. Please check her role and other details through the broadcast.

boa marry my husband

Recently, BoA responded to a fan asking about her role by saying, “Just watch.” She used an emoji to suggest to fans eagerly awaiting her appearance, “I won’t come out next week either, right?

In the drama, Oh Yu-ra (BoA) appeared through a newspaper article photo, but her face was not shown. However, netizens speculated that it was BoA based on her wearing the same outfit as in a press conference in the past.

Later, at the end of episode 11, BoA finally appeared, immersing viewers with her brief but seamless acting. Responses to BoA’s different visuals were also seen prominently on online communities.

boa marry my husband

Netizens commented, “I was even more surprised because it didn’t look like BoA“, “It seems like her lips and philtrum have changed“…

However, there were also rebuttals such as “What changed? It’s natural that it’s different from the stage“, “She’s still pretty” and “It seems like there’s a difference between idol and actor in terms of makeup or camera. She’s still beautiful.”

With the return to the small screen after 8 years and the issue of her face and acting, there are expectations for how BoA will bring tension to the drama as the villainess Oh Yu-ra.

Source: Nate

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