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Unprecedented development… A dating variety show cast member who is forced to leave the dorm for violating the rules

A shocking situation occurred in which a female cast member who was appearing on a dating variety show had to drop out due to violating the program’s rules.

Accordingly, groundless rumors are spreading around the Internet community.

In episode 3 of TVING’s original entertainment show “Transit Love 2” released on July 22nd, Choi Yi-hyun’s departure was revealed.

At the end of this day’s broadcast, Choi Yi-hyun headed out of the house, saying she had a meeting. She called the writer and said, “If I sleep now, I probably won’t be on time for the meeting.” Afterwards, Choi Yi-hyun, who left the house with her luggage, stumbled because of the alcohol she drank the day before.

Before leaving the house, Choi Yi-hyun left a message, “I’ll go to a meeting. Make sure you eat well.” However, Choi Yi-hyun was not captured again. The cast members, who were chatting after dinner, were shocked when they read a letter saying, “Choi Yi-hyun has been discharged for violating the rules.”

“Transit Love 2” MCs Lee Yong-jin, Yura and Simon Dominic, who were watching the situation, could not keep their mouths shut.

The specific reason for Choi Yi-hyun’s discharge was not disclosed. Accordingly, attention is being paid to the dorm’s rules, which were revealed at the beginning of the show.

Earlier in episode 1 of “Transit Love 2”, the rules that the cast had to follow during the filming period were revealed. “Prohibition of intentionally revealing X (ex-lover)”, “No dating until the final selection date”, “Prohibition of sharing SNS and contact information with each other”, “No arbitrary disclosure of personal information except name”, “Cleaning and dining duties are designated as rotation of two people (one man and one woman)”, “Watering flower pots and natural flowers in the house once a day”, “Every evening, eating together”…

After episode 3 of “Transit Love 2”, netizens raised various speculations about the reason for Choi Yi-hyun’s departure. Some criticized the production team, “If you don’t tell us the reason, only Choi Yi-hyun will be blamed.” Besides, there was a question about the development process, saying, “Is Choi Yi-hyun’s ex-boyfriend also leaving the house?”

Earlier, Choi Yi-hyun became a hot topic for her resemblance to dancer No:ze. In particular, as Choi Yi-hyun is the person who received the most attention among the cast, the news of her departure is shocking.

Source: wikitree

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