3 Times Fans Are Enraged In 2023: SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, Fantagio Taking Advantage Of Moonbin , EXO’s Chen

Korean fans are furious at these there scandals

◆ SEVENTEEN’s Joshua X Pledis ignored dating rumors

HYBE’s label Pledis Entertainment (hereinafter Pledis) ignored fans’ enragement over Joshua’s dating rumor. There were countless evidences of Joshua’s romantic relationship found by fans, ranging from couple profile pictures to shared wardrobe rumors, phone cases and invitation seats for concerts, luxury sports car Porsche as gifts. The fandom was became angrier as some fans pointed out Joshua hosted much less live broadcasts compared to other members.

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As a result, fans and the public turned their focus to the agency’s statement, whether it admitted or denied, or at least asked for respect for the idol’s personal life. However, HYBE and Pledis chose not to respond to the rumors. After being ignored, some fans even staged truck and Porsche protests demanding Joshua’s withdrawal, but the idol and his agency gave no response. At the same time, Pledis continuously released news to encourage album sales and concert ticket purchases, enraging fans even more.

◆ ASTRO Moonbin’s agency Fantagio changed his memorial space’s location

ASTRO’s Moonbin passed away, shocking millions of fans all over the world. However, fans are even more saddened by the action of his agency, Fantagio. At first, the agency set up a memorial space for Moonbin at Gukjeong Temple. However, it later decided to move the space to Seonun Temple. In addition, the agency notified fans it would hold an exhibition of the idols’ cherished items.

Rumor has it that Seonun Temple and Fantagio had became partners for commercial purposes. In particular, fans could not understand for whom the decision was made to display the items of the deceased. Believing that there is something suspicious behind it, Aloha (ASTRO’s fandom) had a boycott.


In response, Fantagio immediately announced the closing of the memorial space and hinted at taking a strong response to the rumors. Fantagio denied the financial benefits, making an excuse and announcing legal countermeasures. However, its statement didn’t explain the reason for the exhibition, which was what fans were most angry about. The company expressed concerns over the safety of visitors during the winter season and explained the relocation of the memorial space only after it was shutdown. As a result, the agency blew away the opportunity for more people to remember, mourn and honor Moonbin.

◆ EXO’s Chen used EXO’s fan song at his wedding

EXO’s Chen was also asked to leave the group due to his girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy. Regarding the issue, SM announced, “All EXO members expressed their desire to join the discussion before Chen’s wedding announcement. We respect the members’ opinions and there is no change in EXO members.” This meant Chen was able to participate in the entire group’s activities.

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Chen also apologized in a hand written letter, but fans’ anger remained. On the day of his wedding, EXO’s “Don’t Go” was played during the event. This song was included in EXO’s first full-length album and considered a song dedicated to its fans. EXO’s fandom, EXO-Ls, couldn’t hide their disappointment as their song is played at a member’s wedding.

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