Jang Wonyoung is “kicked off” the center position for IZ*ONE’s upcoming Japanese comeback?

Jang Wonyoung position in IZ*ONE newest concept photo is currently a hot topic on SNS.

Among all active K-Pop girl group at the moment, IZ*ONE might be the most controversial group regarding the center position. Thereotically speaking, the youngest Jang Wonyoung is the winner of the final of “PRODUCE 48” which gave her the center position of the group. However, fans are worried that she might lose her center role.

The matter is back once again after Off The Record Entertainment released a group concept photo for IZ*ONE 2nd Japanese single called “Buenos Aires” which will be released on June 26th. In the teasers, the girls challenged themselves with a much more elegant and chic concept. However, some fans are upset by the standing position of the members.

Oricon has posted an article pointing out that Kim Minjoo and Sakura Miyawaki are 2 members of the center position in the teaser photo for the new single. Meanwhile, the real center Jang Wonyoung only stood 5th from the left. The photos shared in other posts are also in the same order. The CD version of each member posted on IZ*ONE’s homepage is similarly arranged.

Korean netizens got angry and commented: “Isn’t IZ*ONE’s center Jang Wonyoung? Are Korean promotions different from in Japan?“, “But wasn’t Kang Daniel always Wanna One’s center?“, “Then why did we try to vote for the center?“, “Is the center position changed based on the most famous member?“, etc.

However, some other fans said that the center position must be based on the popularity of the members in the Japanese market so that the comeback can achieve the highest result. Currently, IZ*ONE and the management company have not yet explained the change.

Source: tinnhac

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