Critic’s Take on JYP’s Blue Dragon Film Awards Stage Raises Eyebrows Amidst Controversial Reactions

JYP’s live performance at the 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards sparks varied reactions, critic urges appreciation for him

J.Y. Park (JYP) stole the spotlight with a captivating performance at the recent 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards on November 24. His stage featured a blend of classic hits and JYP’s own songs, delivered entirely live. 

J.Y. Park’s flamboyant outfit and stage presence garnered diverse reactions from both actors in the audiences and netizens watching online.

Online platforms buzzed with numerous reaction posts most playfully mocking JYP. Amid the chatter, a famous music critic, Jung Min Jae, took to Twitter to express his thoughts. 

Despite acknowledging JYP’s occasional pitch and rhythm issues during the live performance, critic Jung commended him for opting for authenticity over pre-recorded perfection.


Expressing disappointment in netizens’ excessive teasing and mockery directed at JYP, critic Jung urged everyone to embrace and support such live performances.

Critic Jung’s tweets sparked an online debate, with some agreeing that relentless pursuit of perfection is hindering live performances. Others appreciated the dynamic energy of JYP’s live performance, praising its uniqueness.

Conversely, dissenting voices argued that JYP’s expectations for the idols under his management contrast sharply with his own live capabilities. Some even went on to suggest it might be time for JYP to retire from the performing scene altogether.

Source: Koreaboo

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