Support your idols with these unique lightsticks if you are on a budget

These are unique and affordable items that fans create when they are on a budget but still want to cheer for their idols.

Lightstick – a special treasure, is the pride of Kpop fans. Fans use lightsticks to show their support to idols and create lightstick oceans that expresses the fandom power. But the price of the lightsticks are quite high, many fans, especially students, cannot afford them. However, necessity is the mother of invention, many unique lightsticks have been created by fans to cheer along with idols!


What should I do when I go to a concert without a lightstick? A fan quickly used her glowing shoe as a lightstick. It is commendable that the green light from the base of the shoe is similar to the green light on GOT7.

got7 1
As expected, fans of GOT7 are as hilarious as their idols!

Somewhere else, although it is not as bright as a shoe there is a bird-like symbol that is exactly the same as the original lightstick.

got7 2
Can’t be more creative…


RED VELVET is another story. In fact, the SM girls only have lightsticks recently, so before, the fans of the group often brought colorful chicken feather dusters to RED VELVET concerts. It made netizens relate to the hair color of the girls in the early days of their debut.

rv 1
rv 2
The chicken feather dusters were enthusiastically brought by fans to cheer the idol.
rv 3
This lightstick idea is taken from the concept in the group’s Happiness song.


With the lightstick with the shape of green and white radishes, MAMAMOO’s did not hesitate to take the real radishes lovingly decorated on the music show to cheer everyone up.

MAMAMOO’s official Lightstick is shaped like a radish because “moo” in MAMAMOO is pronounced the same as radish in Korean.
mm 2
This is radish! Literally!
“It’s okay, we love this!”


When BLACKPINK did not have a lightstick, their fans also thought of a very unique way of cheering that is as fashionable as their idols. It is known that this unique idea comes from the beer company that the BLACKPINK girls advertise. It is extremely hilarious.

bp1 1
The drink that BLACK PINK advertised when they debuted.
The light effects of these homemade lightsticks are also unique!
The lightstick is made of a flashlight and a bottle.
BLACKPINK girls are extremely interested in this idea! But unfortunately this is just a photoshop picture.


iKON‘s baseball bat-shaped lightstick reminds fans of the shape of the water bottle. Along with their creativity, fans made a lightstick that looks exactly the same as the original version.

The official lightstick of iKON.
The “fake” one is not much different.
In this dark night, how could you recognize the fake one?


And finally, BTS lightsticks are made by A.R.M.Y. Actually these lightsticks are very similar to the original.

Lightstick of BTS.
The homemade version is extremely similar to the original version.

By using everyday household items you can also create a lightstick that looks the same as the idol’s lightstick without spending too much money. It is true that through this we can definitely understand how creative K-pop fans are.

Among the above homemade lightstick, which one is your favourite? Please share your thoughts with us!

Source: YanNews

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