BLACKPINK Jennie’s expression when praised for her visuals at the airport went viral

Netizens can’t help but be left in awe about BLACKPINK Jennie’s cute expression upon receiving praises from fans. 

On April 3rd, a video of BLACKPINK Jennie at Incheon Airport gained great attention from netizens. In the video, the female idol was walking when she heard a fan say, “You look so gorgeous”. Hearing the sudden praise, Jennie tilted her head as if shy, and smiled so wide, her eyes basically became crescents.  

Fans who saw Jennie’s expressions cannot help but coo over her cuteness, and express their joy over seeing the BLACKPINK member glow with happiness. At the same time, Jennie’s appearance in the video also draws a lot of praise. According to many netizens, the female idol looks way younger than her age.

Jennie’s adorable expressions have made the A-list idol even more endearing in the eyes of the public. Despite her cold and fierce image in MVs and on stage, Jennie in real life is just like any other girl who loves being complimented on her beauty and showing off her cute expressions whenever she receives praise.

Fans are going crazy over the video capturing Jennie’s reaction when praised for her visuals
blackpink jennie

Jennie has gotten yet another viral moment 


At Incheon airport on April 2nd, Jennie won hearts with her cute expressions


Jennie received plenty of compliments for her youthful appearance, which looks even younger than her age of 27.

blackpink jennie

Earlier, Jennie left even Penelope Cruz amazed and impressed with her beauty

Source: k14. 

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