A music festival in South Korea under fire for being filled with 19+ sounds

According to the South Korean media, Seoul World DJ Festival has strange moaning sounds, and it is considered inappropriate for a venue that has many young children.

Seoul World DJ Festival is a large EDM music festival held in South Korea for 3 days from June 2nd to June 4th. This event combines music festival and amusement park, attracting a large audience over the years. Organized at Seoul Land amusement park, the festival has a total of 4 stages with various performances.

However, the Korean media suggests that the festival organizers need to be cautious about pursuing a 19+ direction, as the event is not age-restricted and even young children can participate. “Moans at Seoul Land. Seoul World DJ Festival 19+ is not suitable for an amusement park,” reads the headline of an article published on April 6th by Xports News. Some media sources also emphasize that the lack of age control and targeting makes the festival unsafe for children.

Seoul World DJ Festival 19

With the main stage starting at 2 PM, the audience wore various cosplay costumes of different characters. Here, male attendees took off their shirts, while many female attendees dressed provocatively. They gathered in groups and contributed to the excitement of the stage.

The media also provides a description of the atmosphere at the festival, emphasizing congestion and insufficient security personnel to ensure safety. Security staff mainly concentrate in one area, making it difficult to manage the crowd. In addition, some people feel uncomfortable when they see intoxicated participants at the festival.

The Korean media describes the music festival as follows: “Occasionally, music is mixed with strange moaning sounds that fill Seoul Land. Meanwhile, some audience members feel uncomfortable when they see the partygoers. This makes the movement process more difficult.” According to Xports News’ description, it is very easy to find adults dancing in the excitement of the EDM sound while pushing strollers with children. They stand and play around in groups of 3 or 5 people.

Currently, on the Intiz forum, the audience is debating about this event. They comment: “The moaning sounds are excessive, and in reality, I feel sorry for the kids,” “There would be no issue if kids were not allowed,” “It’s too outrageous.”

Source: Xports News

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