Former EXO Tao spotted dating a former SM trainee on Valentine, wearing couple hats?

Tao (Huang Zitao), a former member of EXO, and singer Xu Yiyang, a former trainee from SM Entertainment were spotted dating on Valentine.

On February 14th, Chinese media such as Sina reported that a netizen had spotted Tao and Xu Yiyang enjoying a Valentine’s Day date together. 

In the photo released along with the eyewitness account, Tao and Xu Yiyang can be seen wearing couple hats and facing each other. They each wear comfortable clothes, though it seems that the colors of the clothes were intentionally matched to give off a “couple” feeling.

Huang Zi Tao Xu Yiyang

Tao and Xu Yiyang have been embroiled in dating rumors since 2019. At the time, Tao denied the rumors through a live broadcast on SNS, saying that he considered Yiyang a “younger sister” and all artists under his company (including Yiyang) his family. 

However, even after Tao’s denial, several eyewitness accounts maintained otherwise. Rumors about Tao and Yiyang recently started living together, meeting each other’s families, and even planning for a marriage, continue to emerge. 

On the other hand, Tao debuted as a member of the group EXO in April 2012 and left after a conflict with SM in 2015. He is currently active in China.

Meanwhile, Xu Yiyang joined SM in 2014 and was announced as a member of SM Rookies in 2016, alongside an aespa member. However, she suddenly left SM in 2018 and started her singing career in China. In 2020, she gained attention by appearing in the girl group survival program called “Produce Camp 2020” (Chuang 2020), which was broadcasted on the Chinese video site platform Tencent Video.

Source: Daum 

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